Orange flesh sweet potatoes project











The Bole District Chief Executive Honorable Veronica Alele Heming today 3rd September 2018 accompanied by the District Director of Agriculture, Regional Monitoring Officer and two radio stations based in the district (Yagbon & Nkiligi)approved and authorized the distribution of 100,000 Orange flesh sweet potatoes vines district wide. About 1000 farmers who are willing and able to plant the potatoes are expected to benefit. the project is under UN world food program which is situated at Kiape a sub village in the District. Over 50 women are working and receiving benefits in diverse ways from the farm.

Below are the health benefits of the sweet potatoes

  1. Prevent vitamin A deficiency
  2. Help improve digestion
  3. Help to gain weight

Domestic uses

  1. For potato chips
  2. can be eaten raw or little cook
  3. Leaves just as “kontobire”
  4. Yam porridge etc

God bless your office Honorable

By: Asei A Muniru, Administrative PRO, Bole District Assembly